British Heart Foundation is 60 Years Old – what an achievement

And they have lots of information on the History of BHF, future plans, and lots of cool stuff going on to celebrate this great occasion.

What can you get involved with?


Celebrate the BHF’s 60th Birthday 

Everyone is invited to help the British Heart Foundation’s (BHF) 60th birthday go off with a bang. Join Team 60 and donate or fundraise during the month of July to help the BHF mark 60 years of ground-breaking research. From hosting a 60s themed party, cycling 600 miles in July, or taking on a 60-hour challenge the possibilities are endless. Join #Team60 to celebrate 60 years of pioneering research into heart and circulatory diseases and help the BHF fuel the next 60 years of life-saving research. 

Fundraising ideas: 

·       Sign up to MyCycle and pledge to pedal 60-600 miles in July 

·       Run every day in July with the BHF’s MyMarathon challenge  

·       Wear red on 28th July (the day the BHF was born) and get sponsored  

·       Challenge yourself to spend £6-£60 in a BHF charity shop and buy a summer outfit or a home bargain 

·       Create your own 60-hour challenge  




 Celebrate the BHF’s 60th Birthday 

Join Team 60 to mark 60 years of making a difference to lives across the UK 

Help the British Heart Foundation (BHF) celebrate their 60th Birthday with a bang!  

Join Team 60 by donating or fundraising throughout the month of July to celebrate 60 years of pioneering research into heart and circulatory diseases and help the BHF fund the next 60 years of breakthroughs.  

Anything goes from hosting a 60s themed party, cycling 600 miles in July, or taking on a 60-hour challenge – the fundraising possibilities are endless. Choose your challenge around the number 60 to commemorate 60 years of BHF funded medical milestones and help power future breakthroughs. 

Over the past 60 years, the BHF has funded groundbreaking discoveries including the first UK heart transplant, pacemakers, and genetic testing for inherited heart conditions but they’re not ready to stop yet.  

The last year has been one of the toughest years in the BHF’s history. Due to the devastating impact of the pandemic, last year the BHF sadly had to cut investment in new research by £50 million, which will delay important scientific breakthroughs. The charity is calling on everyone, of all ages and abilities to join Team 60 this summer and help raise money to keep funding vital research, finding cures and treatments for the 7.6 million people in the UK living with heart and circulatory diseases.  

Sarah Lennon, Head of Community Fundraising at the British Heart Foundation, said:   

“The British Heart Foundation has been instrumental in developing life-saving research over the past 60 years that has transformed millions of lives. Together we have helped fund breakthroughs like heart transplants, pacemakers, stents, and clot-busting drugs. 

“Our research has helped save and change lives but there is still more to do and our goals for the next decades are even more ambitious.  We want a cure for heart failure, better treatments for stroke, and ways to prevent vascular dementia. 

“The Covid-19 pandemic dealt a brutal blow to our work and now, in our 60th year, your support is more vital than ever. Join Team 60 this July by donating or fundraising to celebrate 60 years of the BHF and help us continue to fund the next 60 years of breakthroughs. Together we’re going to make this a year to remember.”  

Help the British Heart Foundation continue to fund life-saving research for people living with heart and circulatory diseases by joining Team 60 and taking on a challenge of your choice. To find out more visit: