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Patton’s Community – A Celebration Of Charity

Patton’s Community is a celebration of our nation’s charities, their staff, invaluable volunteers, their glorious charity shops, and of course their huge contribution to society and beyond.

  • Information and links to the charities and their work.
  • Comprehensive shop finder including specialist shops
  • Charity events advertising service – FREE
  • News BLOG

Patton’s is on a mission to spread the word about the work and passion of the charities and to inspire more involvement from,

  • Individuals
  • Businesses small and large
  • Schools, colleges, and universities
  • Religious Groups
  • Social Groups
  • Sports Groups

There are thousands of great things happening all over the UK all the time thanks to the charities and their supporters, and this is a cause for celebration.

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Charity Shops including specialist shops

One of life’s pleasures is a good charity shopping spree,  finding the curious and bizarre, quirky one off’s not available in other outlets,  the not knowing what you might find, you don’t have to follow the fashion of the moment you can pick whatever pleases you.

There has been an increase in shops specialising in themed goods,  this is really useful if you are just looking for something specific like Children’s, Home & Furniture,  Books  etc you can use the search options on Patton’s to find specialist shops.

Events, volunteering and support

Patton’s is also a  celebration of all the good stuff that is going on in our wonderful country, and a tribute to the tens of thousands of volunteers who give their time and skills which enables all this good stuff to flourish.

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