“ The Moor “ by St Luke’s Hospice, Sheffield

Here we have a charity shopping venue that ticks all the eco and re-use boxes,  “ The Moor “  by St Luke’s Hospice, Sheffield

This is a very different charity shopping model, with a strong emphasis on the repurposing of goods that are for sale,  and the repurposing of shop fittings and materials

By repurposing and upcycling existing clothing, we can all help to reduce waste and extend the lifespan of garments.

Shop pre-loved, Save the planet, Care for Sheffield.

102-104 The Moor, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield S1 4PB

0114 308 6904




St Luke’s Hospice launches Sheffield city centre concept store

St Luke’s Hospice has launched a brand-new charity concept store in Sheffield city centre.

The new store brings eco-conscious fashion, curated looks, and ethical shopping together under one roof.



The store’s manager, Barley Taylor, said: “With pre-loved and retro fashion becoming mainstream and altering a great number of retail models for countless high street brands, it only made sense for St Luke’s Hospice to get on board.

“We can make the most of the donations we receive to introduce specially curated collections that suit popular styles.

“As part of our new concept, the store looks visually different from our other shops and feels at home next to top fashion retail brands already on the high street.”

The new store stocks donated pre-loved items, with fixtures and fittings matching the same brief as the clothing they surround and celebrate.

Barley added: “While our city centre store on The Moor has a different look and feel to appeal to younger generations keen to buy pre-loved and retro items, it also aims to appeal to the climate-conscious, the cash-savvy, and older generations who love pre-loved clothing and accessories.”




St Luke’s Head of Retail Marie Egerton said: “Shopping at St Luke’s new concept store is a win-win-win – it’s good for the environment, good for your wallet, and great for St Luke’s which supports more than 1,800 patients a year, as well as families and carers.”

The hospice, which operates in Sheffield and surrounding areas, supports people aged 18 and above with terminal illnesses, as well as their families and their loved ones, with medical and holistic care from the point of diagnosis and beyond.

This year St Luke’s running costs will total £ 11.5 million, with £9 million coming from the charity’s retail stores, fundraising campaigns, events, and other income-generating activities.

Anybody interested in volunteering at The Moor or at any of the other St Luke’s shops should call the St Luke’s Volunteering team on 0114 235 7639 / 0114 235 7560 / 0114 235 7548 or email volunteer@hospicesheffield.co.uk