Open Up Hospice Care

Open Up Hospice Care – running through March 2019

‘declutter and donate’  in support of hospice care, and your local Hospice charity shop is a great place to donate your pre-loved items. 

You can use the  “ Shop Finder “  on Patton’s extensive database to locate your nearest Hospice charity shop.



Open up your wardrobe in support of hospice care 

Hospice UK and local hospices across the UK are encouraging shoppers to open up your wardrobe this month to help fund vital care for people with life-limiting conditions and their families.

The national hospice and palliative care charity and its local members are hoping that as we head towards spring people will take the opportunity to declutter their wardrobes and donate any unwanted goods to their local hospice shop. 

The initiative is part of the Open Up Hospice Care campaign which highlights how hospice care is available beyond hospice in-patient units, including in people’s homes.  

One in four people miss out on the care they need according to earlier research by the charity – due to a range of reasons including: late or a lack of referrals to hospice services and low levels of awareness about hospice care and where and when this support is available.



Also, studies have shown that people from economically deprived areas, BAME (black and minority ethnic) communities and LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people can experience barriers to accessing end of life care services. 

Hospice UK and local hospices are working to tackle this through initiatives to extend care to more people, such as expanding community services and reaching out to the different groups of people who have been missing out on vital support, including those caring for their loved ones at home. 

Hospice UK has launched a new video to promote the campaign which is running throughout March. 

Catherine Bosworth, Director of Income Generation at Hospice UK, who is leading the Open Up Hospice Care campaign said: 

“It is the perfect time of year for a good spring clean and we hope lots of people will take up this opportunity to ‘declutter and donate’ in support of hospice care. 

“Hospices rely on the generosity of local communities to support their work and with more donations we can open up hospice care so that everyone who needs it, gets it.” 

Hospice retail is the largest player in the charity retail market with more than 2,500 shops across the UK and hospice retail raises more than £60m to fund patient care. 

Hospices derive on average six per cent of their income from shop profits, with gross income reported by independent hospice shops as £263m for the year ending March 2017. 

Hospice UK will hold its annual retail conference on 11 April 2019 in Kennilworth This year the theme will be ‘The Theatre and Drama of Hospice Retail’. 

More information is available on Hospice UK’s website.


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